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Naturalizer Danya Shoe

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Naturalizer Danya

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Revamp your feminine look with the stylish Danya sandals from Naturalizer.
  • Faux leather or fabric upper in a dress sandal style with a round, open toe
  • Intricate strappy vamp design adds interest
  • Heel sling strap with adjustable Velcro(R) closure ensures a great fit
  • Smooth lining, cushioning insole features N5 Comfort
  • Non-slip outsole, 3/4 inch platform midsole, 2 3/4 inch heel
  • Total heel height 3 1/2 inches


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Naturalizer asked: Why did you choose this?

  • Michelle: "This sandal is my absolute favorite. Comfortable with a little edge. I have multiple colors of the same sandal!"
  • Rosa: "nice shoe but can be a bit uncomfortable if wear them for a long time or have to do a lot of walking"

N asked: I was hoping to purchase these shoes for salsa dancing. What are the soles made of? I need something that will allow me to do spins. Thanks! :)

  • Gail: "The soles seem to be made of a rubbery material...not leather. I would think it would depend on the condition of the dance floor as to weather you could do spins in them or not. They do look perfect for salsa dancing. I wear them all day at work. They are very comfy! I have three pairs in different colors. Hope this helps!"
  • T: "I love these shoes and actually wore them to my daughter's wedding and danced all night. They were very comfortable and stabilized and supported my feet well. It is a semi-platform shoe and the soles are not flexible enough for serious salsa, Latin, or ballroom dancing. I did have some soreness on the balls of my feet for the next few days (because I do not usually dance so much or very often) but if your feet are calloused you should not have any problems."
  • Kerry: "The sole is like a rubber material. I love these shoes! I would suggest you try them. you can always return if they aren't right for your dancing."
  • DONNA: "While I really love these shoes (have 6 pr) I don't think they'd be great for the dance floor as they grip the floor as I walk and I feel very secure wearing them.....don't know if they're slick enough for dancing as the bottom of them is rubber with a pattern on it. The heels are a bit larger, another reason I love them, not sure again if they'd be good for you dancing.....hope that helps?"
  • C: "While I am not sure what the material is, I did put the shoes on and try spins on my wood floor at home, which I accomplished without sticking or slipping. These shoes are extremely comfortable and very sexy looking when worn. Probably my favorite pair and I have 90+ pairs of shoes."
  • Harriet: "Rubber with a diamond pattern...i think so it will be non-slip/'s not smooth and my understanding is that u need smooth shoes for dancing"

N asked: The description states it is Dark Red Lizard Fabric. Is it really fabric? I have been looking at these online and they seem to have a faux leather look. For those of you who have purchased the red shoe can you tell me the which type of material these shoes actually are? I prefer the faux leather as opposed to a fabric. Do tell. Thanks!

  • P: "FauX Leather And Very Comfortable"
  • Harriet: "it looks like lizard...doesn't look like fabric. also, surprisingly comfortable-even more so than i would have thought. i have narrow feet if that makes a difference. great shoe."
  • DONNA: "Hi, I have 6 pr of the Danya and all of them are leather or faux leather, including the red ones you're inquiring about! I have 11 med/wide, and they 're all comfortable, I wear them almost daily. I work in an admin spot in a casino and walk upstairs and downstairs throughout the day, with my bad feet these are great! Get them, you won't be sorry! Donna San Diego, Ca."
  • Mary: "It's almost like lizard or snake skin. I love them very nice deep red, very comfortable."
  • Deanna: "No, it is not fabric but man-made leather with a "suedish" snakeskin texture. Love them!"
  • Melanie: "No, they're not fabic but more of a faux leather as you described. Easier to keep clean. :)"
  • Lynn: "it is Faux leather - they are comfy and cute on!"
  • Rebecca: "I would consider these made with more of a faux leather then a fabric. I get a lot of complements on these when I wear them and they are pretty comfortable."
  • Beverly: "Hi! The shoes are not fabric. The only things that I didn't like about the shoes is that the straps do not fit snug at the in step; they bulge a little. Hope this helps."
  • Laurie: "I purchased these shoes in February 2013, and unless the manufacturer has changed the material since then, they are definitely faux leather. I have these shoes in almost all colors and they are all faux leather. They are extremely comfortable and very stylish. I get many compliments every time I wear them!"
  • T: "The shoes have a faux snakeskin look. I love these shoes. They fit, they look great, and they are comfortable."
  • Linda: "The shoe is faux leather ( reptile like), it is comfortable and very sexy. "
  • Leticia: "Good Morning: For me is faux leather no fabric at all Thank you Leticia"
  • Leticia: "Hi!! For me is faux leather look , not fabric at all. Thank you, Leticia Laureiro"
  • Jennifer: "These are faux leather not a soft fabric. And very comfortable!"
  • Calandria: "NC, you're in luck, it has more of a faux leather look & feel. They are really comfortable and I am completely satisfied w/my purchase! "
  • Laura: "It's shiny faux leather lizard print. "

Pearl asked: I've had sizing issues with Naturalizer recently. Are these narrow enough for a truly narrow foot? And, is the total heel height 2 3/4 minus 3/4" for the platform, thus "feeling" like a 2" heel, or is the heel height plus the platform, which gives a 3 1/2" heel? Thanks for any input.

  • Jodi: "I bought these shoes in February and haven't had the opportunity to wear them outside the house yet. I am a size 4 1/2 and have a slightly narrow foot and they fit perfectly. I recommend these shoes and can't wait to get the opportunity to show them off. They are truly the most comfortable heel I have ever put on my feet."
  • Jennifer: "I love these shoes! I have the red and the taupe and wear them almost every day. Because of the platform one doesn't feel the heel height at all. I've had 13 foot surgeries so it is VERY difficult for me to find a heeled shoe that I can wear and these are absolutely no problem. Another woman in my office wears this shoe every single day, she just changes the color. I can't answer the question about it being narrow enough because I didn't order them in narrow but I've found nothing about them to be a negative other than I can't locate them in Silver or Bronze. Hope this helps!!"
  • Maxine: "31/2 inch total The high t strap type styling secures the shoe on my narrow foot"
  • Juanita: "Yes, the Danya dark red is definitely for a truly narrow foot. The shoes does not not feel as though it's 3 1/2". It's comfortable for walking."
  • Jennifer: "Yes they fit a narrow foot quite well. I have VERY tiny narrow feet and the Velcro back strap allows the full cage front to hold the foot firmly without squeezing the flesh through the holes. The flat part for your heel to the bottom of the spike, is 31/4" The heel itself is comfortable and stable."
  • Marta: "Hi Pearl H: I purchased these sandals in three colors: black, red and gold. They are extremely comfortable, but they are not narrow enough if your feet are really narrow. Also, the heel height is true to what they specify, feeling like you are wearing a 2" heel. I hope this answered your question. Marta"
  • Carrie: "I love the shoes....but i will have to return.....I usually wear medium width but this shoes is too wide. Would love to exchange for 91/2 narrow but its not available. The height is about 31/2 but the platform makes them very comfortable and easy to walk in."
  • Simone: "These are a true narrow. They fit nice an snug. I think the heal is more like a a 2". Over all its a great shoe."
  • Pearl: "Thanks to everyone for your replies. I think I'm talked into getting them. Thank you all."
  • Katya: "I have a narrow foot also and these shoes were sized just right. As for the heel height. It's a little big taller than what I usually wear, but they feel comfortable. The platform keeps them from feeling like skyscrapers. I have what I call my V.P. (valet parking) shoes and these are comfortable in comparison. Hope this helps. BTW they're really cute!"
  • Gail: "I have the same problem with some Naturalizer narrow shoes. My feet are almost a slim and some of their shoes just are not narrow enough for my feet. However, this shoe fits snugly. I bought it last year in black and bone and wore them all summer! The heel does not feel like a 2" feels higher, so it must be 3 1/2"."
  • Regina: "I have a narrow foot a 2A and can only wear certain narrow shoes and Naturalizer shoes are one of the brands that fit me best. These shoes have the N5 system in them and that makes them feel like you are walking on air. I think you have to figure that you have the platform and the heel height takes in the height of the platform so it is more like a 31/2 " heel but it doesn't feel like it at all because of the N5 system. I am just recuperating from my third spinal surgery. I was able to wear these before my surgery and was never able to wear a heel like this before and will be wearing these for an affair the end of May and was unable to wear anything like these shoes after my first two surgeries as that was before the N5 system. Enjoy these shoes!"
  • Laurie: "I have these same shoes in four colors. They all seem to fit and feel the same-very comfortable. I also have a very narrow foot but still get a medium as my job requires me to run around all day and my feet get a little swollen so I like having a little extra room. The heels do not feel that high or "sloped" to me, because of the platform I guess, but there is no feeling of being off balance or my weight being concentrated on the balls of my feet. These shoes draw lots of compliments and more importantly, they get me through a busy, very mobile work day with no foot discomfort at all. I am very glad I bought them-and the 4 other colors as well! Hopes this helps. Laurie"
  • Johna: "My purchase was in a wide fit and this is the fourth pair I have bought of this same show because it is chic, stylish without looking orthopedic. I do not know if they come in narrow so honely cannot answer your question. The heel is as you described feels like 2" heel when wearing but actual looks like 3 1/2 inch."
  • Maria: "Hi Pearl! This shoe in particular runs a bit lose and the staps do stretch a bit with usage. The heel is really comfortable. It feels more like a 2" heel as the height of the platform reduces the true heel hight. They are awesome shoes! Good luck with your purchase, if you decide to get them. All About Shoe ;-)"
  • Lisa: "I can't answer about the narrow sizing as I ordered medium width but measuring by the back of the heel from the bottom to the the insole is about 3-1/2 inches. Even with the height, the shoe is super comfortable and the velcro closure is great.I received several compliments the first time I wore them. I have this shoe in several colors now."

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