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Naturalizer BZees Boardwalk Shoe

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Naturalizer BZees Boardwalk

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Take your day in stride in the sporty Boardwalk Mary Janes from BZees.
  • Stretch mesh upper in a casual Mary Jane style with a round toe
  • Faux suede overlays at the vamp
  • Adjustable instep strap with Velcro(R) closure, elasticized collar
  • Antimicrobial lining, dual Air Gel and EVA cushioning comfort system
  • Women’s anatomical last
  • Ultra lightweight, each shoe weighs less than 6 oz.
  • Traction outsole, 1 1/4 heel


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Naturalizer asked: Why did you choose this?

  • Heather: "extremely comfortable"
  • Mary: "Comfort"
  • D: "confort."
  • C: "Something to slip on for long summer walks."
  • Saranya: "Very soft and comfortable."
  • sherrod: "Can be worn as casual shoes or water shoes. Great on vacation."
  • Dana: "cute and comfortable"
  • Anne: "style and comfort"
  • B: "Very cute and stylish for "gym" shoes"
  • Nancy: "Sent back because of fit issues"
  • J: "I chose the Bzees Boardwalk because of its lightweight as well as its sporty style. It is extremely easy to put on, but the drawback is that the light color suede on the strap and on the side get dirty easily. I got the Banana Mesh version, which is an all around light color, so once the dirt is trapped in the suede, it is very noticeable and impossible to clean."
  • Maureen: "comfort and ease to put on"
  • Sue: "These are the best walkers have ever found. They are light weight and last and last"
  • anne: "...Wears like a sneaker, styles like a mary jane! Simply the most comfortable athletic shoe you will ever wear!"
  • Jackie: "Very comfortable"
  • Jesse: "they are very comfortable"
  • M: "Very comfortable and perfect light weight shoe to do walking in while on vacation."
  • Jacqueline: "they look very nice and comfortable"
  • Darla: "I have the same shoes in a different color. Love them!!"
  • M: "Look comfy but stylish at the same time. Was looking for a light weight shoe that could serve as a crossover between a tennis shoe and a sandal"
  • Bonnie: "I love these shoes! I'm adding another pair to my collection so I can leave them at work for my lunch time walks. Super comfortable, breathable!"
  • Candis: "velcro strap & mesh summer weight with thick support sole in a wide width!"
  • Cheryl: "Style & Reviews indicated all day comfort"
  • Frances: "Got the date wrong! I purchased these shoes in March."
  • Dana: "The reviews said they were comfortable and light"
  • MARIA: "comfortable"
  • J: "Have several pairs. Great to travel eith"
  • michelle: "tried them on at the store they did not have my size"
  • Antoinette: "Wanted in different color. I love them"
  • Lily: "I picked this item after reading lots of reviews on walking shoes. It has the best reviews!"
  • pamela: "looks comfy"
  • Cindy: "Was looking for a lightweight and comfortable pair of shoes for traveliing. Based on the reviews I read, these should fill the bill"
  • Carla: "Relax Look and comfortable."
  • Shari L: "Comfort at work as a classroom teacher"
  • paula: "Broke my foot 6 mos. Ago...these looked flexible & comfortable..can only wear athletic type shoe"
  • D: "I saw these on QVC and liked the look."
  • Irma: "Loved my Bzees Boardwalk in black---great fit"
  • Carol: "comfort and looks"
  • Beverly: "Good reviews. Look very comfortable. I have worn Naturalizer shoes in the past and always been happy with them."
  • cecilia: "I tried them on in the store and needed a larger size."
  • Tammy: "I wanted a comfortable and stylish shoe."
  • christy: "I own a pair already and they are extremely comfortable so I ordered more."
  • Elizabeth: "I just bought a pair (in a different color) at Naturalizer outlet store and they are sooooo comfortable."
  • L: "I love the mary-jane style. especially in a sneaker."
  • Dianne: "My mom has two other Bzees styles that she loves. Thought these would be a little different and still offer her the stability she needs. Now she has one in every color!"
  • P: "I needed shoes with some support across the instep and I like tat these were comfortable and looked a little sporty even tho' I don't really care for the "Mary Jane" style. They've been comfortable tho' not quite enough help with plantar fascists as I'd hoped. Liked the black and also got pale yellow for summer. Should be really nice once feet are back to normal!"
  • Ishraq: "I just like it."
  • K: "Purchased the same style at a local department store and really liked the style. Very comfortable!"
  • Andrea: "I already have a pair in and I love them. I want them in another color!"
  • Susanne: "Looked comfortable and washable."
  • Norma: "I liked the color combination and feedback on wearers."
  • Elaine: "I am looking for comfortable shoes for vacation. I like Naturalizers, just wish these came in a narrow width. I am counting on the velcro closing to assist with the width factor."
  • myrlene: "for comfort"
  • sheila: "Look easy to put on, and comfortable."
  • Sandra: "On sale. Have one pair and love them. I wanted another color."
  • Diane: "They look comfy and the price was right!"
  • Glenda: "comfort lining"
  • Valerie: "Bought these in store in black and loved them. Probably the most comfortable shoes ever!"
  • Rene: "Purchased in a different color at Great Lakes Crossing outlet store and love them."
  • M: "Little bit geriatric looking... very comfortable though."
  • Phyllis: "They look comfortable and I was looking for a casual shoe with a closed toe."
  • W: "The best little shoe for running errands and saving my running shoes for my running"
  • Viki: "Looks comfortable, needing flat comfortable shoes for walking"
  • J: "I'm looking for a comfortable walking shoe for our summer vacation. The reviews convinced me to try this."
  • N: "I'm looking for a casual shoe for traveling/walking."
  • Shannon: "Cute and comfort. Really hoping they fit well and hold up for long walks and a trip to Disney this summer."
  • Donna: "Friend recommended"
  • Janice: "Thought they were really cute and would feel good for walking"
  • Anna: "Love Bzees"
  • Jeananne: "Looks like a great walking shoe for running errands, etc. and will coordinate with my spring clothing."
  • Julie: "comfort and color"
  • Yvonne: "I was drawn to the light weight cool fabric."
  • Michele: "becaues i just received a pair (black) and they are amazing! most comfortable shoes i've ever worn!"
  • G: "They look so light weight, and nice spring color."
  • Tamara: "They are bright and colorful and look comfortable."
  • P: "Good color and style"
  • patricia: "looks comfortable....I have foot problems and generally can't wear closed in shoes"
  • Sharon: "I need some comfortable walking shoes"
  • Marie: "They are washable and seem like they will be cool in the summer heat. I like all the colors as well."
  • Suzanne: "Light for summer - loved the color."
  • M: "love the color,looks like spring"
  • S: "they are cute but will probably be too wide!"
  • Diana: "style"

Mylie asked: How is it best to clean these shoes? I have a pair in taupe.

  • Dorothy: "I haven't needed to wash mine yet(because I biought every color.....they are sooooo comfortable)but I have washed similar type shoes. 1) Clean tge soles with Mr Clean Magic eraser. 2) Then swish the tops in cold water soapsuch as Woolite, til clean, then rinse them. 3) Next spin them in the washer to remove as much water as possible. 4) If you have plastic shoe horns, insert them. Then set them in a sunny window or outside. Works for me !"
  • Andrea: "I bought a pair earlier this summer in white/gray & orange. I wore them a lot and they were dirty but they got filthy when I wore them on a rainy day and got mud all over them. I put them in the washing machine along with some bath mats and rags that we had used to wash the car. I could not believe how great they came out...they look like new! I just set them on the window sill and they dried beautifully. I love these shoes!!"
  • Mary: "I really don't know, I have not cleaned mine yet, sorry I can't help, but I do enjoy the shoe!!"
  • Susanne: "In my wash machine, with cold water, on short cycle. Air dry."
  • Elaine: "To clean, I used an old toothbrush and dishwashing soap ( Dawn). Then I rinsed them under the faucet, wrapped and squeezed in an old towel to absorb the most moisture and allowed to air dry outside.. Worked for me. Aren't they comfortable?"
  • Ellen: "I take out the liner, then put them in cold water in the washer. Don't put in dryer, just let dry. Can also stuff with paper tower to soak up some of the moisture. I love my shoes. Very comfortable."
  • Diane: "I had a slight dirt spot on the toe of the shoe. I just used a little soap and water and it came clean."
  • Lynda L: "Sorry, I haven't had to clean mine yet, but I think I would take the inside sole out and wash them in the machine and let air dry."

Michele asked: How yellow is that Banana Mesh color? Is it neutral enough to wear with many clothes, or is it pretty bright?

  • Jeanne: "It is more of a mellow yellow. I was worried it would be too bright too, but it does not stand out. They are very comfy too."
  • Susanne: "The yellow is very light and can be worn with many styles of pants and skirts. I have received many compliments already when I wear them. I find them very comfortable and supportive in my arch."
  • L: "The color is a pale muted yellow. It is not real bright. It blends well with the gray outline of the shoe. They will add color to most pastel outfits and darker colors as well. I love them."
  • Rene: "The yellow is a soft yellow - not bright. I find it neutral enough to wear with almost all of my summer clothes."
  • Carolynne: "I have this shoe, and I love it. The banana mesh is more of a lime green to me...a little bright, but there is only a about a 1/4 inch boarder and then a bit on the tap that goes across the foot. I don't think it detracts from most outfits. The shoe itself is very casual..."
  • Michele: "Thanks all! I've got them in black and want another neutral, but I don't like coral. Looks like this might do then."
  • Diane: "It is a soft yellow and is just enough color to brighten a summer outfit. I really like the shoes and the colors."
  • Andrea: "The yellow is very soft & quite light. I would say it is pretty neutral. I have the ones with the coral trim & liked them so much that I ordered these."
  • Arlene: "Pale yellow "
  • Rachel: "Sorry, I ordered a different color, so cannot help with the question. Love the shoe though - very comfortable,"
  • Victoria: "It is a light yellow. I wear mine all the time. My favorite is with my jean capris, looks really cute and I'm comfy."

Bonnie asked: I have a foot that measures a 101/2 but when I stand it is too short and my heel is very narrow What would size would I need to order?

  • Diane: "I usually wear a 6 1/2 and sometimes a 7. I ordered these in a 6 1/2 and although they fit fine, my toe is at the edge so I think I would have liked the extra 1/2 inch for some wiggle room."
  • Yvonne: "I have a narrow heel and wear a half size too (7.5). I ordered a size 7.5 medium and I have plenty if room in the front with a good fit in the back"
  • Nancy: "If you mean that your foot, when standing, measures shorter than the 10 1/2 size chart, I would still get the 10 1/2. This shoe has the extra stability of the mid strap which is why I got this style. I have a narrow heel as well and other foot problems and I find these shoes to be very comfortable and will took me all over Hawaii without a hitch. I hope you enjoy them."
  • Mary: "I have very narrow heels also and wear a size 7 so the 7 medium fits fine. I like to wear footies in my shoes also my arch supports for my very relaxed arches. These shoes are very comfortable; I'm enjoying them this summer."

Linda asked: does the bzees boardwalk come in extra wide ?

  • H: "I don't think it comes in extra wide but the wide is a good fit for my wide feet. I have wide feet with turned-up toes and they fit me so well that i've bought 3 pairs in different colors!"
  • Holly: "They come in 2 widths, one being wide"
  • Lynne: "I do not know if shoe comes in wide. Naturalizer should know."
  • MARY: "I purchased the WIDE and find the fit perfectly over my bunion and hammer toe. Very comdortable shoes from the time I wore them."
  • Patricia: "I bought the wide, not sure if they are available in extra wide. I do love the ones I bought."
  • Helen: "Yes, the Naturalizer Bzees Boardwalk comes in extra wide. It's very comfortable and I love them!"
  • Kenna: "When I received my shoes, I thought they were very comfortable and true to size. However, I had to return them because the strap over the instep was too short to latch (velcro). Now I know I could have purchased velcro at the fabric store to create an extension. I wish I had known about that sooner."
  • Kenna: "When I received my shoes, I thought they were very comfortable and true to size. However, I had to return them because the strap over the instep was too short to latch (velcro). Now I know I could have purchased velcro at the fabric store to create and extension. I wish I had known about that sooner."
  • Geraldine: "I have extra wide feet and a high instep and I love these shoes! I ordered a wide and the fit just fine."
  • Jennifer: "I'm not sure. I got them in wide and they fit my prattle boards just fine :-) They are insanely comfortable! Good luck."

Mona asked: I would like to be able to know the weight of the actual item?

  • M: "They are extremely lightweight. Just a few ounces. I have arthritis and can not stand heavy shoes. We recently traveled and they were so easy to slip off and on for airport security. I have the silver and just recently purchased the navy and black. I wear a 9 1/2 M and that's what I ordered and they fit perfectly even with a thin pair of socks. You will LOVE these shoes"
  • Karla: "Very very light. LOVE them. I have 2 pair. Took both on vacation. Did a lot of walking in sore feet. Easy to go bare foot in them too. the lining is excellant."
  • Mary Ellen: "Hi Mona, Well, I got my postal scales out to weigh them, and they weigh 10 ounces, so a little more than half a pound! Haven't tried them yet to wear, as I have a narrow foot, and the Velcro closure doesn't work, it's too long for my foot, so I'm going to have to take a tuck in it with the sewing machine to make it narrower so the Velcro meets the side at the right place. Overall, they seem comfortable, and it's nice that they're washable. Hope this helps, Mary Ellen"
  • Constance L.: "I found these shoes to be light weight."
  • S: "According to my kitchen scale, each shoe weighs 6.1 oz. Surprisingly lightweight."
  • Camille: "Well I can't tell the exact weight but they are pretty light. I like them a lot and they are very comfortable. :)"

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