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Naturalizer Angeles2 Sandal

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Naturalizer Angeles2

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Strap into sporty and comfortable style with the Angeles 2 sandals from Naturalizer.
  • Suede upper in a casual sandal style with a round, open toe
  • Adjustable toe strap with hook and loop closure
  • Adjustable instep strap with snap buckle
  • Padded heel sling
  • Smooth lining, cushioning insole
  • Non-slip outsole, 1 inch heel


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Naturalizer asked: Why did you choose this?

  • judith: "had before-most comfortale sandal ever"
  • G: "I wear this sandal all summer. I have worn out this year's pair. I buy a pair of black and a pair of brown in the Spring every year. They have never hurt my feet."
  • K: "comfort - I am not crazy about this color, would prefer stone"
  • Moisey: "my wife uses similar brand (naturalizer sport) from 2010 and needs replacement."
  • Cynthia: "I have fussy feet and like sandals for summer. These are very comfortable, even with my bunion. I like that they are very adjustable also."
  • D: "Had before."
  • Margaret: "I have had three foot surgeries and these are the only shoes that I can comfortably wear"
  • Norma: "It looked most like the Beejeez that Naturalizer had, but I don't see the one that I would like to have again."
  • Ann: "My sister has 2 pair and LOVES them."
  • Dorothea: "great fit and very comfortable"
  • Sophia: "Friend recommended them and as we wear the samesize, I was able to try them on. Great shoe"
  • Elaine: "Already have these shoes in this color and in black. Ordering second pair of both for future use. Very comfortable and good support."
  • Karen: "The reviews said they were comfortable for walking and it is hard to find 6.5 W."
  • Monika: "comfort and fit"
  • Patricia: "My 5th pair of this great sandal."
  • Helen: "I've worn similar Naturalizer sandals and they are very comfortable."
  • Brenda: "Purchased this style previously and really liked them"
  • Denise: "Have had these before loved them"
  • Sonia C: "already own a pair. I love them"
  • Jean: "I own this shoe and it's the most comfortable shoe I've had in a long while"
  • A: "My current sandals are trashed from constant wear and tear and Naturalizer has shoes that are good for my feet. I need shoes that are more useful than cute, but these seem to be both."
  • Elizabeth: "comfortable"
  • Anne: "liked style but returned too wide ordered M"
  • Ruth: "Already have Angeles sandals and love them"
  • Stacy: "Needed comfortable shoes for hiking and walking."
  • Diana: "These are nice but can not where them long term not enough padding like them if they were a little bit softer on the sides"
  • Cheryl: "My daughter has a pair and she said they are like slippers they are so comfortable."
  • Stacey: "Looks like a sturdy good walking shoe."
  • Mary: "I bought a pair of these shoes last summer and really like them. They are very comfortable and suite my needs perfectly. I am ordering another pair in exactly the same color again this year. Thanks for continuing to carry them."
  • janice: "fit well have feet and leg issues and these sandles I can wear all day and be comfortable. bought all colors travel alot and will be needing them ."
  • Gloria: "Very comfortable and good walking shoes"
  • LeNora: "I have two pair of the Angeles Sandles. I have had quite a few problems with my feet and these are great."
  • A: "Our daughter has a pair of these and they look comfortable and fit the foot well. Easy for walking. Ann marie Fantini"
  • P: "Used it for walking all over with my dog."

Rita asked: I need a narrow fit. I only see medium width. Don't know if this is because all the narrows are gone or if it only comes in medium. Does this shoe run narrow? Thank you.

  • Cynthia: "I wear a medium and find this super comfortable sandal to run very true to size. Even with the velcro adjustable straps, I'm not sure that someone who wears a narrow would happy with the fit."
  • Joyce: "I need the wide width and so I ordered that with fingers crossed. The shoes fit perfectly. Perhaps you'll experience the same when ordering the narrow width"
  • kathy: "No - I take a medium width and the shoe is truly medium. I do have to say I love these sandals so much I have a back up pair. They are so comfortable. I usually get out my sneakers to walk the dog since I need the support to keep up with him but now that it is summer I find the sandals offer enough support. Great for travel."
  • Sharon: "I wear a wide and this pair is tight. So i think they runs narrow. Also be sure to check the size carefully."
  • SANDRA: "I have to say this is the best sandal for a narrow foot. I have a very narrow fit and I love the comfort and fit of this shoe so much that I have bought it in blue, cement, white, and taffy. As soon as one wears out, I get another pair! You will love it."

Mary Jo asked: Do these sandals run wide? I wear wide in walking shoes.

  • Candice: "I normally wear 5 narrow but could wear a 5 medium. I honestly am not sure if they run wide."
  • Lynn: "Due to the velcro, you can make them any width you need."
  • sneha: "No. They run medium width. And while there are adjustable fasteners, I found that they don't adjust very well - you can feel the buckles on your skin if you move them from the position they come in."
  • M: "They seem to be true to fit, but it is a wide sole and not the skinnier type you see in some sandals. The straps are of a stretchy type material (not leather) and the strap closest to the ankle is adjustable so you may be able to loosen it if you need a wider fit. They are very comfortable!"
  • Patricia: "The sandal does not run wide. You can adjust the velcro but that is minimal."
  • Norma: "these shoes are wide and comfortable I bought 2 pairs in two years."
  • kathy: "I wear a medium width as a rule and find these sandals to be very comfortable with lots of room. Not knowing what a wide shoe is like- not sure you can classify them as being on the wide side."
  • cheryl: "yes they do....and they are wonderful shoes."
  • Cindy: "I would say they are medium, however I wear a narrow and I have them sinched as tight as they can go. The only strap that is not adjustable is the one in the middle."
  • Mary Jo: "Thanks Sandra."
  • Sandra: "Not really. I wear double wide in closed toe shoes but wide in sandles. They are very comfortable shoes. I buy a new set when the old ones wear out."
  • Sherrilyn: "Yes, I got two pairs, different colors, and the work well with my wide feet. I like them."
  • Joanne: "They run true to size. I wear wide width and they are perfect. I own all the colors plus. There is know break in time."
  • Liz: "the front part of the sandles are adjustable, so even you have a wide feet or narrow, you can adjust."
  • Mary Jo: "Thanks Bernice. This was helpful."
  • Bernice: "I wear a narrow shoe and buy a half size smaller when I can't buy in narrow. You might want to buy a half size larger. This is the 3rd pair of these sandals that I've had and I do like them so much. They are very comfortable and wear well."

pat asked: which color would go with everything taffy or cement?

  • Pam: "Cement seems to go with all my summer clothing. It's a nice off white, light beige and seems just right when you don't want a dark sandal or a bright white."
  • Erma: "I haven't worn them. Hurt my foot so I will return. But, that said,with other sandals in the past, tan doesn't show dirt like the lighter color does. Guess it just depends on what would go best with your wardrobe"
  • Tina: "I purchased the taffy to wear with blue jenas. They are a comfortable shoe that I wear to work or shopping. I also have a dark brown outfit that I wear with them. Hope this helps."
  • Guam: "Taffy goes well with all of the new bright summer colors"
  • Carol: "The taffy is the one I would choose. I like the color because it's neutral enough to wear with everything. My opinion but please make it your choice . The cement is too light . Hope this helps. "
  • KAREN: "I ordered the taffy and it was a very nice color and blended into my skin tone. The cement would be much lighter."
  • Judy: "Taffy. And will stay cleaner looking longer"
  • Marleah: "I got the taffy and love them, they are so comfortable. I may get the cement also."
  • maryann: "I think I have either would be fine. I hacve the cement and love them."
  • Marsha: "Cement"
  • JoAnn: "I ordered the taffy suede because truthfully I didn't realize "cement" was an option. I don't know what "cement" looks like; but if it's kind of a tan or beige color, I would advise you to go with that color. I'm happy with my taffy suede. Plus, the shoes are SOOO comfortable. They didn't require any "breaking-in" period. I hope this helps you."
  • Olga: "Taffy & these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!!"
  • Janet: "I like cement for the summer (close to white) and taffy for the fall."
  • Myrna: "Myrna says taffy is great."

pat asked: could someone tell me what color is taffy?

  • SHARON: "They are like tannish brown... The color goes with most everything -- seems like a neuturial color to wear with shorts and jeans, I seem to find certain sandals and wear them constantly (one of favs)."
  • Rosa: "It's light tan color"
  • M: "I have these and they are a light brown, I also have them in the light beige. I just purchased my 2nd pair in this color, love it for summer."
  • Judi: "A light tan and the shoes are soooooo comfy. Ended up buying each color."
  • BRENDA: "the color taffy suede is the lighter part is a carmel color the darker color is a light taupe suede. These shoes are very comfortable. I like them a lot"
  • Mary: "It's caramel, the photograph is true to color."
  • T: "It is tan. It is very neutral - I wear it with any color shorts or pants. The color is true to the photograph."
  • Dorothy: "Hi Pat They look like carmel. Go good with brown and black. Some tannish around them"
  • Marie: "It is a medium tan"
  • Debbie: "figure its a tan color, nutral, much darker then what they call cement which is a gray/white. Taffy is tan. Extremely comfortable shoes, I get new ones every year."
  • Wylma: "Pat, it's just a nice light shade of tan; very suitable for summer time."
  • susan: "Taffy is like the color of a nice summer tan."
  • Julia: "tan"
  • Rachael: "It reminds me of putty. Not tan, not beige, but sort of in between."
  • Caryn: "This taffy color is a medium brown. I think it's a good brown shade, and accented with a lighter tan/brown. A good neutral brown."

Ann asked: Can someone recommend a product to clean the foot bed? I The Angeles do get a little smelly in the summer. Ann

  • Pam: "I have great luck with blue Dawn dishwashing soap and a small brush (like for cleaning your nails) I put a little Dawn in some water and scrub with the brush. Let them air dry. It seems to take off the dirt and odors better than anything. And I've had 9 pairs of these sandals!"
  • JANICE: "I have used liquid dish detergent and water with a small brush to clean my shoes, rinsed them and let them dry."
  • Sandy: "I've never cleaned the footbed. However, the Mr. Clean magic eraser might work. It certainly works for alot of other problem areas in the house. When these shoes wear out, I buy more. I have this shoe in several colors."
  • Brenda: "I am in the process of sending these shoe back. They look to old for my 12 year old daughter."
  • Valeria: "I have used baby powder and a dry toothbrush. Works pretty well"
  • Janet: "I don't have an answer to that but I also have a question. I love mine but they make a suction noise when I walk which is quite embarrassing. Is there anyway to stop that suction noise?? Janet"
  • Barbara: "Hi Ann. I have the same problem. Also would like to know how to clean the foot bed. I have tried everything and ended up buying a new pair. Barbara"

Lynda asked: Does the ankle strap get knocked open when you walk or wear them, since it closes toward the inside of the shoe?

  • Rebecca: "I had a problem with tips of the "Velcro" straps hitting each other when I walked so I brought them back to store to return them. I noticed that some of the sandals in the store had the "buckle" in a differentnt spot on the instep strap and asked to try a different pair. These seem to be better so I will try walking indoors to try them. If these hit together, I will return them."
  • Ann: "Have not noticed that happening. Am on my sixth pair. Great shoes. Ann"
  • Phyllis L: "no the ankloe strap NEVER comes open."
  • Alaina: "no it doesn't I've never had a problem"
  • Candice: "No, I have never had the ankle strap get knocked open when I walk with these shoes and this is my second pair."
  • Sherrilyn: "They have never with me,and I were thm all the time and like them a lot."
  • Sigrid: "No, the ankle strap does not open. I love these sandles. They are the only ones I have found that dont make my feet hurt. I usually wear inserts in my shoes for support, but I can wear these all day at Disney and I dont have a problem. Hope this helps."
  • Buddy: "I have been wearing them for years and have never had a problem with any of the straps."
  • MARIA: "No, the ankle strap stays in place. I think I should of ordered a 1/2 size smaller and they would be ok, but right now they don't feel to comfortable. The strap you're talking about sits pretty high and when your ankle or foot naturally bends when you walk it sort of digs in or it feels funny. I wouldn't order them again."
  • Carol: "no and I own 2 pairs of the same shoes bought first pair over a year ago and just bought the same shoe again because very comfortable for walking"
  • N: "I haven't worn my new Naturalizer Angeles2; however, I have two pairs of the same style of sandals from last year and I haven't had a problem with the strap being knocked open."
  • Erica: "I haven't had a problem with that. I thought it would be, but the strap lies pretty flat. They are remarkably comfortable sandals but I wish they lasted longer. I wear them every day in summer and they only last 2 seasons."
  • Lynn: "Lynda: I have never had a prlbme with the strap and this is my third pair. I use these to walk over varying surfaces. My sister also has these shoes and loves them."
  • ALICE: "I haven't worn them yet as it's still too cold outside. My sister bought a pair last year and had no trouble with the ankle strap getting knocked open."
  • JoAnn: "I have had several pairs of this shoe. I had the same concern, however, I have never had trouble with the ankle strap not staying put. I enjoy this shoe."
  • emilie: "The ankle strap does not open."
  • Debra: "I have worn shoes for past three weeks. This week on vacation in Austin and the strap has never opened Velcro holds snug hiking and street walking"

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