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Naturalizer Angeles2 Sandal

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Naturalizer Angeles2

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Strap into sporty and comfortable style with the Angeles 2 sandals from Naturalizer.
  • Suede upper in a casual sandal style with a round, open toe
  • Adjustable toe strap with hook and loop closure
  • Adjustable instep strap with snap buckle
  • Padded heel sling
  • Smooth lining, cushioning insole
  • Non-slip outsole, 1 inch heel


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Naturalizer asked: Why did you choose this?

  • Barbara: "comfortable"
  • Charles: "Have a similar pair"
  • evelyn: "comfort"
  • JoAnn: "Comfort"
  • sonia: "very comfortable"
  • Carrie: "I have this shoe in 2 other colors. It is comfortable and looks nice."
  • L: "These are my walking shoes...I do many travels wearing these the support and comfort."
  • Debra: "Ordered for my mother who has purchased this same shoe before and likes them."
  • Janice: "comfortable walking sandal"
  • Mary Ann: "Had them before."
  • Melinda: "Matched slacks I just bought. Have same style in purple that I love."
  • Phyllis: "It is the same shoe that is so comfortable, only different colors. Our original ones were blue & Green, and the grey & orange because they were the only colors we found at that time. Excellent support and allow space for the bunion."
  • N: "I have owned two pair of these sandals and they are very comfortable for summer walking. They provide good stability and arch support."
  • Kitty: "I've had this shoe before and love it."
  • Ilsa: "Comfort"
  • S: "I continue to buy these sandals because there are none more comfortable and I always get compliments on them."
  • Monika: "comfort and fit"
  • Kathleen: "Because they look like a pair I have and you no longer carry."
  • J: "This is my third pair of these shoes. Comfortable, long lasting, suitable for walking longer distances."
  • M: "Bought a pair a few years ago and they fit and held up well."
  • Frances: "Love this shoe. this was my second order of this shoe."
  • M: "Have one and want a second."
  • Elizabeth: "comfortable"
  • Anne: "I own one pair and have found them very comfortable. Just wanted to have another pair on hand."
  • Frances E.: "had a pair a while back"
  • Lori: "These are very comfortable for walking in the summer"
  • Patricia: "comfort. I already have a pair and they are worn out. Love them."
  • Linda: "Bought the same sandals a few weeks ago and they are so fabulous, I wanted a spare pair."
  • Shelia: "comfort and quality"

Robyn asked: I have a high arch and need very good support in that area ( I normally put an orthotic in my shoes). None of the pictures really give me a good idea what the arch support is like in the Angeles2. I hate to order and then have to pay the shipping to send them back. Any comments?

  • S: "They are really comfortable and look nice. The have a decent arch to them. "
  • S: "I have high instep and wear orthotics, but these sandals I can walk all day. Love them so much that I have own five pairs."
  • Carol: "There is no arch support to speak of ."
  • Linda: "I also have a relative high arch and this is the second pair of Angeles2 sandals that I have bought. They are very comfortable and great for walking. The straps adjust nicely."
  • Betty Ann: "I have worn orthotics in the past (don't presently) and also have high arch and slim feet. I have two pairs of this style and love them. They fit me great. Have also washed them and they look brand new."
  • A: "My mom has a high arch, along with Plantar Fasciitis. She bought TWO pair of these sandals after trying mine on. Since then, she hasn't had anywhere near the pain she did when wearing regular loafers or sandals. They're also great if you have heel spurs, like me. If I could wear them everywhere, I would."
  • Linda: "I too, have high arches. These sandals are the most comfortable I have ever worn. I can walk in them for hours. There is no uncomfortable rubbing, and the soles are soft and made of a suede material so sweaty feet don't slip. They stand up to heavy use very well. I sound like a commercial, but these sandals are really great!"

charlotte asked: Is this shoe waterpoof?

  • Gladys: "No but can spray with a waterproofing product"
  • L: "no - it's a brushed suede material. When you get it wet it gets a little darker while it's still wet but it does not ruin the shoe."
  • Joanne: "No"
  • R: "I have been in the rain with them with no problems, but I have not worn them as water shoes. They are holding up very well. I wear them a lot and bought a second pair. Very comfortable."
  • Marjorie: "While these shoes are not advertised as waterproof, I have gotten them wet in the rain and at the seashore. They dry easily, look like new and continue to fit well."
  • Pam: "No it is not waterproof"
  • CAROLYN: "Huh! Never thought to try it out in water before? Rain? Sprinkler system gone wacky? Run through a puddle? Beach/pool use? Would be interested in the answer myself! Good luck! Oh, I do LOVE these sandals and have them in every single color. Naturalizer had better NOT ever discontinue them!!!!!"
  • Eileen: "I would not call these waterproof but I have not pampered them to keep them dry. I would never wear them in the surf but I wouldn't worry about the rain. I hope that helps!"
  • carole: "I have worn these sandals in rain without a problem, although I don't know if they can be called water "proof". I love these shoes."
  • Leigh: "yes."
  • A: "Honestly I do not know. I haven't worn these sandals in the water. Sorry I can't answer you question. I can tell you that they are very comfortable."
  • Tracey: "Unfortunately, Charlotte, I have to admit it is NOT waterproof. As with any suede product, care must be used in wet conditions. I got caught in the rain with this shoe last summer, and was sorry. Interestingly, the problem was not with the suede, which held up surprising well, but rather the lining of the sole of the shoe. Perhaps because I had been wearing the sandal almost constantly all summer, the rain caused the fabric to disintegrate somewhat, causing a couple of holes in the lining of the bed of the shoe. However, having said that, I have continued to wear it this summer every day, and I do not find it uncomfortable at all nor have I developed any callouses on my feet as might be expected. I did buy another pair for "going out", but I am still wearing the old ones daily with no problems. I would definitely recommend this shoe as a very good value."
  • Florence: "No. It's suede and not waterproof."
  • Mary Margaret: "No it is not but it is the most comfortable sandal I have worn in years. I have purchased 3 pairs over the last 6 years"
  • Pamela H: "Not waterproof….but mine have stood up to being wet just about every time i wear them. They are not water shoes."
  • Sally: "No, it is not waterproof but dries out ok if you get it a little wet. Not to wade in creeks or rivers though if that is your question! I have 4 pair...all different comfortable and supportive!!'"

Fran asked: Does the , Angle 2 have a rigid or flexible sole?

  • Pamela H: "It is firm but flexes. Very comfortable. I wear these instead of my running shoes to walk the dogs in the summer. I'm on my 4th pair . "
  • Barbara: "It is more flexible than rigid."
  • S: "I would say that the sole is semi-flexible; just enough for comfort while providing good support. I bought these sandals in several colors and love them."
  • Suzanne: "The soles are flexible and the most comfortable shoe I own. I have 4 pairs in different colors"
  • Nancy: "Not an easy answer, it is not totally rigid. It does flex some."
  • Barbara: "Flexible"
  • Tracey: "I would have to say the soles are firm but flexible. They are thick enough to be very supportive, but flexible enough, especially near the front of the sole, to be very comfortable. Hope this helps you!"
  • CAROLYN: "Rigid sole. The is the BEST sandal I have ever owned, and I have them in every color!"
  • Sandra: "Flexible "

evelyn asked: what if this shoe is to big, to small, to wide or narrow? What about shipping?

  • Emily (staff): "Hello, Unworn merchandise may be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the sale date at any company-owned Naturalizer store (the merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged at a Naturalizer Outlet store or independently-owned shoe store). Item(s) must be returned in the original brand box (packaging). Be sure to bring the packing slip or the receipt that was email to you. Please click here to locate a store. If you do not live near a company-owned Naturalizer store, please mail your shoes to the following address: Naturalizer Retail 15835 Fern Ave. Chino, CA 91708 If you would like to request a refund, please include the packing slip or email confirmation. If you would like to request an exchange, we will need your shoe size and width. If your exchange request cannot be filled, a refund will be issued. Most refund/exchange requests are completed within 2-3 weeks after the shoes are received. Note: We recommend using a traceable shipping service (UPS or insured U.S. Mail). Return shipping charges are non-refundable. Thank you,"

Claire asked: Since there are no stores near me where I can try on these shoes, can anyone tell me how wide a regular size 9 is and how wide a 9W is? Thanks!

  • EEvelyn: "While I wear a wide in most shoes I wear a regular in the Angeles2 and it fits fine. Hope this helps."
  • Anthony: "I purchase size 8.w and they are an excellent fit. I recommend that you buy a size that you normally wear. Theyy are the most comfortable sandal I've ever had. Also, I'sure Naturlizer would make you purchase right. Ann"
  • Liz: "9W is more than regular wide, it has adjustable stripe in front and in center. Therefore, if you have wide feet it can be adjust your comfort setting. My sister have wider feet than I do, she is comfortable in 9M."
  • Carol: ". My foot is not really wide but they are not tight and are adjustable. Very comfortable."
  • Mary: "I have wide feet and they fit perfectly around both heel and toe area. However since the straps are adjustable, a regular 9 may fit just as well."
  • Sherrilyn: "I wear a size 8 1/2 wide and that is what I ordered. They fit just right for me. Everyone is different, but you can return if they don't fit. They did for me and I like that. I also like the velco strips at the front of the foot and where you attach them. They can be adjusted if needed be. My left foot is bigger than my right foot, so I was able to make it tighter on the right and looser to fit the left. Well worth the price. I like mine very much and wear them often."
  • Nadine: "I purchased this shoe in wide and since I do have a wide foot I can tell you that it is a good fit and feels very comfortable. If your foot tends to be a bit wider I would order the wide - if it is too big you can always adjust the straps which are velcro. The back strap that goes around the back of the foot is quite comfortable as there is a nice padding insert in it. I wore the shoes on a vacation a few weeks ago and was quite surprised that my feet felt so good and did not tire at all and we did a lot of walking! Good luck with the shoe purchase."

Rita asked: is this Dr. Scholls because i love the pair i have bought from you last year or 2 yrs. ago? want to get a 2nd pair in a different color - please advise

  • Bianca: "I too purchased a pair with blue gels at heel from a Naturalizer store in New York city. Absolutely love them! I am looking for another pair. These are called Natural Sport. Doesn't Naturalizer sell these? They are most comfortable."
  • Tina: "I also ordered the Dr. Scholls pair in 2010 and I still have them. I loved them and wore them an entire week walking around the Disney parks, my feet did not hurt and no blisters. I would recommend them. I am going to order another pair and try them out (new style) to compare the comfort. Thanks for the comment Pam because I was also searching for the ones with the blue gel insert but will try these out to see if I can tell the difference. Tina"
  • Pamela H: "Yes, same shoe minus the Dr. Scholls gel pad."
  • Veenu: "This is not exactly Dr Scholls but it's very comfortable pair of footwear, for long walks, shopping etc."
  • Barbara: "No, this year ithe sandals do not have the Dr.Scholl 's insert. I am very disappointed and would have sent three pairs back if it wasn't for the shipping. The sandals this year are not as comfortable!"
  • Mary: "They are not Dr Scholls but they are very comfortable."
  • Linda: "No, these are not Dr Scholls. They are Naturalizers. They look and feel quite similar to Dr Scholl's. I love them!"
  • Valerie: "It is not Dr. Scholls, with the gel heel, but they are very comfortable none the less. My other Angeles are Dr. Scholls, and these feel just as good."
  • Pam: "Hi Rita- These are not Dr. Scholls- they are the Naturalizer brand. Having had both, I can honestly say that I don't see much difference between them. The Naturalizer brand that I purchased this year are identical in looks and feel to the Dr Scholls I purchased last year. The only difference is that the Naturalizer brand does not have the blue cushion pad in the heel area. I personally don't miss it! Hope this helps!"
  • R: "This is the same shoe, but the Dr. Schools pad is no longer included. I prefer the sandal without the pad - it used to squeak when I walked! This is the same comfortable sandal other than that."
  • Karen: "I found the new style an improvement. The gel pad in the heel did not wear well...separated from the sole. The new style is just as comfortable and works well to keep away the plantar facitis (?) I was suffering from. I now have 4 pairs of these in varying ages that I wear for different uses. I love them and will order more!"
  • Diane: "Yes it is - and these shoes are amazingly comfortable"
  • Julia: "Rita, they don't say Dr. Scholls on them, but I think they did market them with the Dr. Scholls brand in the past and you could see the gel cushion in the heel. I have been buying the Naturalizer branded ones for over 4 years now. They used to be called "Roadracer". They are the most comfortable sandals ever and have good support too."
  • Rita: "Hi Barbara A thank you - would like to order another pair - usually receive booklets w/coupon on outer cover. Is there a coupon special dollars off - may order 2 pairs - black and light beige. Please advise thank you so much Rita F."
  • Barbara: "Missing is the gel insert on the heel.Not Dr. Scholls!"
  • SONJO: "I don't know if this is a Dr. Scholls product, but I can tell you that they are the most comfortable pair of sandals I own. The are like having pillows on your feet! I have had many compliments on them, too. I going to order another pair, because I am a firm believer, if the shoe fits, buy it!!!!"

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