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Naturalizer Jersey Wide Shaft Boot

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Naturalizer Jersey Wide Shaft

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Ride into style with the fashionable Jersey riding boots from Naturalizer.
  • Leather upper in a riding boot style with a round toe
  • Twin buckle straps at the shaft
  • Inside zipper ensures an easy slip-on construction
  • Elastic stretch panel at the collar
  • Wide shaft calf
  • Smooth lining, cushioning insole features N5 comfort elements
  • Non-slip outsole, 1 inch heel


Ask a Question

Naturalizer asked: Why did you choose this?

  • Sandy: "These are so comfy and they go with everything"

Rebecca asked: What color is the buckle on the black boot?

  • Laura: "I looked at mine today. It's funny, because it's not silver, but it's not really overtly gold either. Maybe a muted/matte bronze is the best way to describe it. Hope this helps."
  • Samantha: "Bronze/Gold"
  • H: "Brushed gold tone"
  • Julie: "Mine is gold."
  • Marcia: "It is silver but not a shiny color."
  • Sandra: "Hi Rebecca! The color of the buckles are a light antique bronze. I may add I Absoultly LOVE these boots. I bought them last year in brown. This year I got them in black. I hope this answers your question."
  • Monica: "The hardware is gold with a touch of black faded throughout the edges where the metal touches the boot. It's a rubbed faded finish. The boots are comfortable and stylish. I get compliments on them all the time."
  • leila: "It's silver! These are wonderful, wonderful boots!"
  • A: "It's a brushed brass color."
  • Janice: "It is antique gold"
  • theresa: "Like a brushed brassy gold color"

dee asked: what size is the circumference around the calf?

  • Anne Marie: "Sorry it took me so long. I couldn't find my tape measure. I measured it at 17 inches."
  • Rhonda: "I am not sure of the measurements but I have large calves and I retain water so that increases the size and the wide calf option on these boots have accomodated that especially since they have the stretch material included. . Also my feet and ankles swell and these boots continue to fit comfortably."
  • Lisa: "This boot has a 18 inch calf. it fits me very nicely. I have a wide calf and it works. I suggest that you buy it and try it. If this boot doesn't fit ones wide calf, then I suppose nothing will."
  • Helen: "The circumference around the calf is 16 inches with an additional 1/2 inch for the stretch panel. Unfortunately the circumference i believe is on the tight side. The boots are beautiful and the ankle fit perfect."
  • Marcia: "16 - 16 1/2 inches"
  • Diane: "I have the size 10 and the calf is almost 18 inches. I have big calves and I can get skinny jeans zipped in w. No problem "

Nina asked: Are these true to size?

  • H: "In my experience, yes. "
  • A: "I ordered them in my regular size (7 1/2 Wide), and find them true to size."
  • Linda: "I think they are true to size. I wear a 7 1/2 in mostly all shoe brands. With this boot I thought it was a bit snug at first, however I wear these with regular ankle sport socks not thin dress socks"
  • Jane: "The shoe portion is true to size but I found the wide shaft was wider than a previous pair of wide shaft Naturalizer boots. If you are just on the edge of needing wider shaft might want to get the normal shaft size"
  • W: "Hi Nina B. I found them to be true to size. My shoe size is 7M and they fit perfect in that since. I was extremely happy with the Wide Shaft style being that I have rather large calves and they were still a comfortable fit with my skinny jeans. Hope this was helpful!"
  • Janice: "Yes, these are true to size. I purchased the wide and they are very comfortable."
  • Laura: "Yes these definitely run true to size. I have many pairs of Naturalizers in all different styles..always an 8.5 including these boots."
  • BETH: "Yes, and they are awesome!"
  • Hillary (staff): "Hi Nina, I have heard that this particular style runs true to size and width. Thank you, Hillary"

Sarah asked: Does this come in 7wide? I'm looking for a 7wide with wide shaft in black, but I can't find any. Thanks!

  • Dana: "I purchased an 8 wide, so I could add a gel insert (special foot issues)...they are very comfortable!!"
  • Hillary (staff): "Hello, The sizes shown in the "Select available size and width" drop-down menu are the sizes currently available to order. If a particular size or color is not shown, it is either sold out or not offered. We update our website several times every day and sometimes items sell out fast. However, we cannot offer back orders. Please check back with our website within 2-3 weeks, or see if the item is available at a store near you, by using our store locator: Thank you,"

Christine asked: What is the Calf Circumference on this particular boot? I need 20 inches, and most boots I see advertised as "wide calf" only equals to maybe 18"

  • Leah: "I don't know the exact size but I believe it is more like 19". These are the only boots I have found that fit my calves well without having to go up a size in the shoe. That being said, I have only worn them for 6 months and the bottoms are already cracking and the leather on the heel has pulled away from the sole of the shoe. I am very displeased and am going to try to mail them back for a refund. If they send me new boots or refund my money, I would be happy to purchase from them again."
  • Susan: "I don't have exact measurements but this shaft is narrower than other wide shaft boots I have bought from Naturalizer, and doesn't have as much stretchy material. My guess is it is right around 16-16.5 inches."
  • Myrka: "I think these are 17.5 in circumference. I just purchased them and my calf is probably just around 17" and they fit exactly. So if you need 20 in unfortunately I don't think these would work for you,"
  • Janice: "I have the boots on right now and I measured the shaft and it came to 16 inches on my leg, but there is room for expansion in the back of the top of the shaft and down the outside of the boot. The boots nicely fit. I always have difficulty finding boots to fit my legs and I was very cautious about ordering boots without trying them on first. I used Naturalizer's online measuring guide and it helped me out. They are really nice boots. I hope my response has helped you somewhat..."
  • Blake: "I don't know yet, they are a Christmas gift for my wife,"
  • Vrenely: "I have 15 1/2 inch calves and they fit snug. I bought the 7 1/2 medium width. I was told that the 71/2 wide width has a wider shaft circumference but I am not sure how much bigger they are. However the boot does have elastic around the calves which will stretch. I hope this helps a little. I always take the chance and order them. If it doesn't fit I send them back."
  • R: "I measure a good 18inches on this boot BUT there is a 3" by 1 1/2" piece of elastic on the back of the boot that could easily stretch to 20 inches. I would think it is worth a try. I thought I had a wide calf, but have plenty of room in this boot."
  • Hillary (staff): "Hello, For a complete list of shaft height and circumference measurements for each size, please click the "Boot Measurement" icon located above the "Add to Cart" button. Thank you,"

Adina asked: How wide is the shaft on the 8.5 W?

  • STACY: "I'm not sure I wear a size 11M and the width of my calf is 19 inches and they fit."
  • Hillary (staff): "Hello, For a complete list of shaft height and circumference measurements for each size, please click the "Boot Measurement" icon located above the "Add to Cart" button. Thank you,"
  • Christine: "I had initially ordered the regular size shaft and hat to send the boots back. I don't particularly have large lower legs, however the wide shaft is better for me. It has given me more room to tuck in skinny jeans but also a straight leg jean as well. If you have very thin calves you would be ok with the regular but if you have any size to your calf at all I suggest the wide shaft."
  • Kathleen: "At the widest part it's about 16 inches around. I've always had trouble with boots and these fit really well and the style is perfect. I really love them. Hope this helps."
  • H: "It tells you right on the naturalized website under fit assistance. "

Sue asked: I am 4'11" tall so I have to watch the length of the boot. What is the length in inches of the boot?

  • T: "I measured from the sole to the top of the boot in the front and it is 17". The back is about an inch shorter. It is well below my knee but I'm 5'11"."
  • Donna: "17 inches high from ground to top of the front of the boot. The front of the boot is a little higher."
  • Hillary (staff): "Hi Sue, For a complete list of shaft height and circumference measurements for each size, please click the "Boot Measurement" icon located above the "Add to Cart" button. Thank you,"
  • Cindy: "I dont have exact measurements but I am 5'4" and these boots hit right below my knee. I hope this helps."

Kellie asked: I am looking at the specifications for the wide shaft boot in size 5 1/2. Is the height of the shaft measured at the front of the boot or the back? The front is higher.....

  • Su: "Naturalizer should answer this question, since it is pertaining to their product."
  • Victoria: "Sorry Kellie I can't answer. I immediately took my boots to the shoe shop for extra elastic to be added. I have large calves & the shaft still wasn't wide enough."

Lynn asked: I have a small foot and size is a problem I think a 4 will fit. I also have a large calf, will this boot allow for that?

  • Hillary (staff): "Hi Lynn, The shaft height measures 14 3/8", and the circumference measures 16.0". The measurements taken are based on a size 5.0. I hope this helps, Hillary"

Jennifer asked: Does the M and W sizing options describe the calf sizing or the actual shoe/foot area sizing?

  • Brittany (staff): "The M and W sizing actually is referring to the width of the foot, not the calf sizing. If you order the Naturalizer Jersey boot you will receive the regular calf size, if you order the Jersey Wide Shaft, then you will receive a wide shaft boot. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Brittany"

ronda asked: Are these boots water proof?

  • Corina: "They are not water proof but I sprayed mine with a water proof spray and that will make them tolerant but I wouldn't step in puddles on purpose :) Hope that helps."
  • Sandra: "I don't think so. You could probably spray them with leather water proofing. The are very comfortable and fashionable."
  • F: "No"
  • Tracy Ann: "I do not think they are water proof. I sprayed leather protectant on them."
  • Lesia: "No, the are not However, since they are black I did apply a waterproof solution."
  • abrienne: "Hi Ronda W, These boots are a very good choice, they are leather and can stand up to the rain. Also, you may also want to purchase a leather shoe protector to make them last longer. Abrienne "

KRISTI asked: I have been comparing products (wide shaft riding boots) all over the internet, and of course, I keep coming back to my first choice-the Naturalizer "Jersey Wide Shaft Boot". My concern is over the width of the shaft. I am a curvacious woman at 5'9", 220 lbs. I have nice legs-but my calves are still 17" +; and I have swolen feet due to medications. If I order a size 11w or ww, do you think the width of the boot will be wide enough for me?

  • Lesia: "Yes and Yes and Yes in the black.You'll Love these!! For some reason the brown pair is Not wide enough."
  • Sheri: "Hi Kristi, I just bought a pair in Banana Bread and I love them! I, too, have wide calves but have always loved the riding boots look. The Naturalizer Jersey was the first pair that actually fit me! I'm a 7.5 in shoes but I have a wider foot. My calves are also 17" (due to years of playing soccer, ugh) so I took the Jersey boot with a wide shaft. I also sized up half a size (to an 8) and took the W width instead of M (the normal width would fit if I didn't wear socks, which won't be the case). If your calves are around 17", the wide shaft will fit. You may struggle a bit with the zipper if you plan on tucking skinny jeans inside the boot, but because it's leather, it eventually does zip up because the leather will stretch. However, if your calves are definitely wider than 17" (like 18"+), this boot may not be wide enough. Just note that the leather is not too stiff so if your calves are disproportionately wider compared to your ankles (my calves are so big they make my ankles seem small), the boot will sag just a little and will bunch a little around the ankle, but nothing that looks terrible. Hope that helps!"
  • sonya: "Definitely order the widest, I found that they are a narrow boot and I have wide feet. They fit great in the calf and I have had a hard time finding a boot that I could actually zip up. These are great!"
  • Linda: "I usually wear an 11 med. and my calves are 18 inches. These boots are perfect. I ordered the banana bread brown and loved them so much I ordered the black . The shaft is tall enough for me and I'm 5'8". I would order the width that you usually wear with your shoes."
  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Kristi, If you click the link I have listed below you will be able to print out the sizing diagram and measure the width of your foot. If it is within range then you can select the size you need. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Please click the link below for sizing assistance: Thank you,"

Janice asked: how tall are these boots?

  • BETH: "very nice, fits great"
  • Ruth: "Depends on your size but 14-15" just under the knee. "
  • Evonnie: "Ok"
  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Janice, If you go to the boots product page and select boot measurements. Here you will be able to select the boot name you are looking for and your size. Measurements vary by size. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Brittany"

Donna asked: shaft height and circumference??

  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Donna, It depends on your size. If you go to the boot's product page and select boot measurements, you can find your size and the the measurements listed there. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Brittany"

Mara asked: Has anyone ordered the wides and they do they run like a true wide or have you needed the wide wide? I'm usually 9W and on the printout my width went onto the WW portion slightly but I've had experience where double wides are too wide. looking for opinion. Also I'm only 5'3" and wonder about the height being too high. Are these supposed to be above knee at all?

  • Sharon: "Mine come up to the bottom of my knee exactly - I'm 5' tall."
  • NANETTE: "I sized up from a 7W to a 7.5W in these boots and found that to be a good solution. I am a C or W width in most brands, but often need the WW in Naturalizer shoes. I need the wide calf boot and it does not come in WW."
  • Jennifer: "Hi Moe, I ordered the wide shaft boots and wide width. Like you, I find that WW is often too wide. However, these were a little snug in the foot area but I couldn't get the wide shaft with ww so I decided to keep them and stretch them a bit. So far, so good and they are not so uncomfortable that I can't wear them. good luck"
  • Debbie: "I ordered the wide shaft not the wide in the shoe. It is not above the knee."

Delores asked: I'm interested in these boots. I have a wide calf about 18", does these boots accommodate my calves. also there where no mention of the shaft. can you please clarify this for me? thank you, delores

  • sonya: "They fit great in the calf and I have had a hard time finding a boot that I could actually zip up. These are great!"
  • Linda: "I have 18 in. calves and they zip right up! Love, love these boots!"
  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Delores, If you go to the page of the boot that you would like to purchase and select boot measurements, here you will able to select the boot name and all of the size measurements will be available to you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Brittany"
  • Carolyn: "The shaft of these boots is between 17 and 18 depending on your size. These boots are really great!"

Karen asked: How tall is the shaft of this boot?

  • F: "Approx. 15 inches"
  • Kelsey: "I am 5'6" and the shaft comes to just below the bend in my knee."
  • KATHY: "Love the boots. I am 5'6" and they came just below knee so very comfortable. Soul to top of shaft is 17-1/2". "
  • jodie: "It comes to about an inch below my knee....I'm short (5'2") very comfortable"
  • Daisy: "I have long legs and it stops a few inches below my knees. It's a beautiful, well constructed, high quality boot. I would order a half size up from your normal size with naturalizer. I'm typically and 10W with Naturalizer but that was a bit snug and found the 10.5W to be perfect."
  • S: "I wear a 4 1/2and from floor to top of shaft is 16 1/2 inches. I think you can findthis Iinformation under boot sizing."
  • sonya: "I loved the boots but ordered the wrong size and had to send them back so I don't have a measurement for you. I will tell you order the exact same size that you would usually wear in a shoe. I usually find that I have to order a half size bigger for boots but not in this case. Otherwise they fit great in the calf and they were nice quality."
  • Sharon: "TALL! They come all the way to the bottom of my knee but then I'm only 5' tall so my legs are short. This is my first pair of boots in 20 years and I really love them."
  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Karen, It depends on your size. If you go to the boot's product page and click boot measurements and select Jersey. Here you will find all of the measurements you need for your size in this particular boot. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Brittany"

ashley asked: I've read reviews that the base of the boot runs narrow. Does it, and if so, should I size up then?

  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Ashley, Unfortunately we have not had any responses to your question. I have seen mixed reviews come through with some customers saying it runs narrow and other stating in runs wide. My suggestion would be to order your typical size. Thanks, Brittany"

Mara asked: What is the shaft height?

  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Mara, It depends on your shoe size. If you go to the product page and select boot measurements. If you select the Jersey Wide Shaft Boot. You will be able to find your shoe size and listed next to it will be the shaft height. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Brittany"

Nataliya asked: Hello, could you please help me. It is my first time with Naturalizer and I'm interested in the black Jersey boots. But I got confused with the sizes. My calf is 18 inches wide and my foot length is 10,7 inches. So I'd like to know if 11W size will fit me. I would really appreciate some clarification on this, thank you! And another question - do you ship to Russia?

  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Nataliya, I have measurements for a 11M. This should be a good clarification whether or not this boot will fit since the W stands for width of your foot and has nothing to do with the dimensions of the actual boot. Shaft Height: 15 14/16" Circumference: 18 4/16" Unfortunately we do not ship to Russia."

Janna asked: what is the calf width size???

  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Janna, If you go to boot measurements tab on the product page you will be able to find all of the dimensions and sizing for the boot. Hope this helps. Thanks, Brittany"

Laura asked: Hello, I'm interested in the black Jersey boots but I can't tell what color the buckles are based on the pictures online. Are they gold or silver? Thanks!

  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Laura, The hardware on the black boot is gold. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Brittany"

Victoria asked: What is the calf size it fits in inches?

  • Brittany (staff): "Depending on what shoe size you are will determine the sizing. To view all of the measurements for this boot go to the product page. Click boot measurements. Here you will find the breakdown of sizing for this boot. Hope this helps. Thanks, Brittany"

NANETTE asked: This is very confusing. Your boot size chart lists the circumference of a size 6 "WIDE" shaft Jersey as 16 and 6/16ths inches. That is about 2 and a half inches NARROWER than what Naturalizer staff has been telling everyone. They stated at least 5 times on this site that the circumference of the Jersey wide shaft is 19 inches in size 6 M. So.... which is it?? Because I wear a 7 W and my calves are about 17 inches. I need to know if these boots will fit because I do not want to pay shipping both ways like I did last year when the boots I ordered had a shaft that wouldn't zip. I would really appreciate some clarification on this, thank you!

  • Delores: "It appears that there are different circumference, I'm going to use my own opinion. What's the shaft of these boots. Can anyone answered that."
  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Nanette, We are so sorry for the confusion. The correct measurement should be 16 3/8". Our Apologies, Brittany"

Patricia asked: My calf is 17 inches wide at them widest Is my calf too wide for these boots?

  • Delores: "I would like to thank all of your for you imput. Delores"
  • Brittany (staff): "Hello Patricia,The circumference of this boot is approx 16 6/16" based on a size 6. Hope this helps.Thanks,Brittany"

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