Gift Card - Check Your Balance

Please enter your gift card number (located on the back of actual physical Gift Cards) in the blank below to see your available balance. Your Gift Card also includes a PIN, please enter it in the blank provided.

Note: For security reasons, you will be required to enter a Key Word prior to seeing your balance information.

Card Number:

Enter the Key Word exactly as it is displayed below (HINT: The key word is case sensitive.)

Key Word:
Key Word

Having Problems?
The key word is case-sensitive, so make sure you are typing it exactly as it is shown. Also, make sure your browser is set to display images and to accept cookies. If you cannot read the key word, make your best guess. If you are incorrect, you will have another chance to enter a key word. If you are still having problems, please contact Customer Service at (888)294-1648 for assistance.
Gift Card Example - How to locate the PIN and Card Number
NOTE: You may need to scratch off film to reveal the PIN.
For Your Security:

Some people use automated programs to try to find and use gift cards that they do not own. To prevent this, we ask that you type in the key word before we retrieve the balance on your card.

Automated programs cannot read the key word, so when you enter this word it ensures that a real person is checking the balance on the card.

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