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N Voices. The Interviews.

CAMERON | USING HER PLATFORM TO INSPIRE CHANGE  Models are powerful and interesting activists. Because of their unique access to media, when I coach young models the first thing I say is, “You’re a model, but you’re also a woman in media. See yourself that way, think about the work you can make from that perspective.” I co-founded and help lead a group of a few hundred model-activists in New York. One of our biggest strengths is that we are a diverse group telling lots of different personal stories, whether it’s how climate change is effecting our hometowns across the world, or standing together to say #metoo. When we lift up each other’s voices, when any group finds a way to do that, we can powerfully contribute to progressing culture. All of us need to be part of building the future. We really have no choice.

CAMERON | REDEFINING BEAUTY STANDARDS  I’ve been such a beneficiary of the longstanding racist, sexist beauty standards, and that also makes me hyperaware of what they are. I don’t think it’s beneficial for any of us to only celebrate a narrow slice of what’s happening—whether or not we’re in the group that’s being celebrated. It’s not a way forward. Fashion is uniquely poised to address some of this because so much of the work that we do is about visibility and who gets seen and who gets celebrated. I hope I can be part of that by supporting not just diversity in front of the camera, but also behind the camera. As soon as I had any influence over the sets I worked on, I started to push to see different people on both sides of the camera.

CAMERON | NAVIGATING WITH COMPASSION  Compassion is so important, especially being in the public eye. Whenever I’ve been nervous about saying something publicly, or have been warned or chided not to come off “too political,” I just come back to the fact that if our sentiments are rooted in compassion the actions that follow are the right things to do.  “It doesn’t matter who you are. It matters what you have to say.”

CAMERON | OWNING OPTIMISM  I think that optimism and compassion are beautiful motivations. There is something very challenging in holding onto optimism because it means that you believe there is a better way. I think it takes commitment because if you believe there is the potential to create a positive outcome, especially in cases where the odds are against you, then you have to work hard for it!

CAMERON | EVERYONE IS A LEADER  I’m passionate about getting women and girls to see themselves as leaders. I’m passionate about getting everybody who has been marginalized from leading to lead. It’s going to take us all to make change, and leadership isn’t just one person, it’s about all of us. I don’t think we’ll get anywhere until we recognize that we are leaderful and we must listen to and follow one another.

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