My style is timeless, classic and minimal. Every item I own in my closet serves a purpose. I want my presence and person to stand out and not have the attention drawn to my clothing. I have a voice. Hear me.

Tylynn | Learning To Be OK With Not Pleasing Everyone  In my twenties, I often found myself worried about what other people thought about me. When I was younger it was about, “Oh my gosh, you're so tall,” but learning to own that and love it and use it and being OK with not pleasing everyone. That is how you own your confidence. I had to really come into myself and realize I’m not going to be someone else. I was made exactly how I'm supposed to be.”

Tylynn | Claiming Your Confidence  I understand that I was uniquely made, and with special gifts. It took me time, therapy and lots of reading and self-assessment to get to this point. By understanding my uniqueness and my connection to others as a whole, I’ve been able to claim my confidence and help others claim theirs. I believe when women see other women being kind, being giving, being unapologetically themselves, they feel connected and they can see themselves in those things as well.

Tylynn | The Roles Of Purpose & Practicality  Purpose is my mission. This is what I do. Knowing my purpose keeps me focused on the bigger picture in my life. It helps me to not feel anxiety or stress. When you become a mother, you realize how important every action is that you take. In that, I find strength...that is purpose to me.   Practicality is how I approach my home, the way I dress and my work. I view myself as an essentialist and concentrate only on things that are important to me and that are beneficial to my personal health. I believe what you put your energy toward is what manifests itself in your life.

Tylynn | Staying Focused While Being A Mother. Wife. Business Owner. I am focused on fulfilling God's destiny for my life. When I came to the revelation that this precious, powerful life is not a practice run, all things begin to evolve and take form. For readers, I would say to you: You are uniquely and specifically made; do not discount yourself. Of all the ancestors and humans who have lived before us in this world, you are here today. That is powerful. That is focus.

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