Designed with sustainability in mind.



Shop Eco Luxe Shoes for Women


Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day! Naturalizer is committed to lessening our impact on the planet. That's why we have designed a selection of our most popular shoes with sustainability in mind. From designing a collection of our women’s shoes with environmentally preferred materials that minimize our carbon footprint, to ensuring that 100% of our shoes are consciously packaged in boxes made from 70%+ recycled paper & soy-based ink, we are confident you will find the perfect pair for you.


With Naturalizer’s latest selection of women’s shoes designed with a focus on sustainability, we’re proud to combine our iconic comfort and style with features like partially recycled lining materials & Leather Working Group Certified upper materials to truly make a statement. Not only are we focusing on incorporating environmentally preferred materials, this collection was crafted through responsible sourcing and manufacturing as well. The factory where our selection of eco-conscious shoes is made participates in an industry-wide waste reduction program which focuses on reducing, re-using and recycling waste, with the ultimate goal of having zero landfill waste. Join us in making a difference for the environment and shop Naturalizer’s Earth Day collection of eco-conscious women's shoes today!