We’re putting the spotlight on Jourdana, a teacher and passionate education advocate who believes early opportunities for youth to discover what sparks creative joy creates a happier, more fulfilled society. She cofounded OneWonder, a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring and curriculum for middle school students to explore their passions.




Q: What inspired you to become a passionate advocate for children?

A: When my first attempt at modeling didn’t work out, I found an opportunity to teach children in Kenya, and my teaching journey began. I noticed that many schools give an abundance of knowledge, but little support in developing direction. Children’s dreams create our future. So, in 2019 I cofounded OneWonder.

Q: What does OneWonder do?

A: At OneWonder, we mentor and provide a holistic curriculum for middle schoolers by creating a safe space to explore, grow and trust themselves. A space where their dreams can be validated, heard, nourished and appreciated. We believe in creating a purposeful society - where people contribute and influence positively.

Q: How do you think we can best serve our youth?

A: The power of showing each other love is amazing. Creating early opportunities in our youth’s academic journey to discover what sparks joy creates a society with happier and more fulfilled people.

Q: What’s your style mantra?

A: My clothing must always remind me of who I am and the woman I’m striving to become. When I select a piece to add to my wardrobe, I ask myself if it makes me feel connected to my best qualities. If the answer is ‘yes’, then it’s a keeper!