Sharing the movements and messages of women who inspire us with their actions and their style.

Q: What does GarnerStyle do?

A: I started GarnerStyle to offer body positive fashion inspiration and advice. It expanded into e-commerce with plus size clothing and accessories. We also have studios where influencers can develop their own content. My purpose is to help women be who they are, without fear or shame.

Q: Why is using your voice to influence change important?

A: You never know what change you can bring. I'm from a small country town and never would have thought I would impact the world in the way I did. Using my voice allows me to live my purpose, and we need more people to use theirs so we can change our circumstances for the better.

Q: How have world events impacted your professional path as an activist and influencer?

A: I've spoken out a lot more on racial injustice and body positivity in fashion. It's tricky to navigate spaces where your livelihood is connected to trying to right wrongs in the industry in which you work. I decided it's OK to lose some jobs because of my stance on injustice.

Q: What’s your style mantra?

A: If it makes you feel good, wear it! You only live once — why not look fabulous while doing it? Put on an outfit you love, and it'll lift your confidence in no time.

Presenting Khrystyana, an activist and self-love advocate passionate about creating a kinder, more peaceful and accepting world. She founded The Real Catwalk, an organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and self-love through workshops, diversity campaigns, and partnerships with mental health advocates.




Q: What does The Real Catwalk do?

A: The Real Catwalk is there to serve anyone on the journey of self-love. I wanted to show the world that all people can rock the runway, strutting, sitting in a wheelchair, harnessing their curves, or expressing their gender. We have expanded our mission and are setting the standard that everyone is worthy.

Q: What is your style mantra?

A: Listen to your body when it comes to style and express your truth. Let your style complement your lifestyle. Invest in quality and comfort.

Q: How do you think we can have a more peaceful world?

A: I've seen small acts of kindness shift another person's life forever. We don't have to see eye to eye, but we all want to be loved and understood. Everyone is important. Kindness can lead us towards peace and happiness.

Q: How do you use your voice to influence positive change?

A: As an introvert, being vocal doesn't always come easily to me. I speak through art, impactful but not-so-visible actions, and writing. I'm also using my platform to create fashionable and humorous content because humor helps me heal. I hope it makes other people smile, too.

We’re putting the spotlight on Jourdana, a teacher and passionate education advocate who believes early opportunities for youth to discover what sparks creative joy creates a happier, more fulfilled society. She cofounded OneWonder, a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring and curriculum for middle school students to explore their passions.




Q: What inspired you to become a passionate advocate for children?

A: When my first attempt at modeling didn’t work out, I found an opportunity to teach children in Kenya, and my teaching journey began. I noticed that many schools give an abundance of knowledge, but little support in developing direction. Children’s dreams create our future. So, in 2019 I cofounded OneWonder.

Q: What does OneWonder do?

A: At OneWonder, we mentor and provide a holistic curriculum for middle schoolers by creating a safe space to explore, grow and trust themselves. A space where their dreams can be validated, heard, nourished and appreciated. We believe in creating a purposeful society - where people contribute and influence positively.

Q: How do you think we can best serve our youth?

A: The power of showing each other love is amazing. Creating early opportunities in our youth’s academic journey to discover what sparks joy creates a society with happier and more fulfilled people.

Q: What’s your style mantra?

A: My clothing must always remind me of who I am and the woman I’m striving to become. When I select a piece to add to my wardrobe, I ask myself if it makes me feel connected to my best qualities. If the answer is ‘yes’, then it’s a keeper!